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16th Aug 2007 | 06:28 pm
posted by: jekesta in gaybours

I LOVE PAUL ROBINSON SO MUCH SO MUCH SO MUCH. Oh. Just when neighbours is mostly dull and they destroyed themselves by taking Dylan away and OH GOD, but now there is Fox which is the BEST NAME EVER FOR AN IMAGINARY BOYFRIEND OF INCREDIBLE GAY.

For anyone not watching, Paul has a brain tumour, and Elle has cheated him out of allllll his money, so he is living in Ned's old flat (thank god not WITH Ned) and then a couple of weeks ago he started to hallucinate himself a boyfriend. It's not explicitly spelled out that he's a hallucination, he just clearly is. He's a young homeless tearaway boy creature wtih scruffy hair and PAUL LOVES HIM and it is BEAUTIFUL and for a while he sort of wore the same colours as Paul and stuff and and and he made Paul try to get back at Elle and break into her house and things like that, and then Paul got cross with him and he went away a bit.

But today Paul found him sleeping in the park and he had been beaten up and PAUL TOOK HIM HOME FOR "FOOD AND WARMTH" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HAPPINESS IS UNTOLD. Food and warmth. We know that Paul doesnt' have any food, he lives on what Harold gives him from the cafe. So he basically told him to come home for warmth, which is the most beautifully euphemistic thing ever I LOVE THAT HE HAS TO BE EUPHEMISTIC WITH HIS HALLUCINATION. And then the next we saw of them, Fox was dressed only in a towel and was all bruised and Paul was all worried and wanted to take him to a hospital but Fox refused, and so Paul gave him pain killers and told him to put on his dressing gown and OH I LOVE PAUL ROBINSON I LOVE THAT HE BRINGS THE GAY, I LOVE THAT HE IS NOT BRINGING THE GAY WITH NED ANY MORE, I love that everyone is so pointless now that Dylan has left that Paul has had to turn to imaginary people. OH.

Obviously deep down in his heart if it weren't for casting problems Paul would be hallucinating himself Dylan, which would be TWICE THIS BEAUTIFUL AT LEAST, but he's not doing that, and that's okay. Dylan would be crying if he knew, obv. But for now it's okay.

I don't want Paul to find out he's an hallucination. He nearly told him today, he pointed out that he didn't need pain killers, and Paul said 'Oh I suppose you don't need food either' and he said 'well no'. This is the kind of information it's important to hide from your hallucinating boyfriend in case he lets the surgeons CUT YOU OUT OF HIM. Oh, I don't want the surgeons to cut him out, I want to keep him FOREVER. I think everyone in neighbours should have an hallucinatory gay lover.

Sorry, I'm a bit giddy, Paul Robinson took a young* boy home to his flat for warmth.


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from: jekesta
date: 16th Aug 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)


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