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Today's Episode...

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23rd Apr 2007 | 06:16 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

So- let me get this straight. I have not watched Neighbours for three months, but I tuned in today to be shown several people I haven't seen before. I was slightly confused. But what I could garner from it all was:

Paul and Dylan have had the epic of all Epic Bad Break-ups, because Dylan is now financially independant and has grown up a bit, and so is less inclined to take any more of Paul's manipulative crap. He has also been seriously courting Boring Elle, which has obviously put fuel on the fire infuriating Paul even more. So Paul, consumed as he is with jealousy, has paid Ned to split them up. He has also decided to set Ned up in his own little flat like a dirty dirty mistress. Because he misses Dylan. Aww! God, but Ned is so boring. Have you heard of a REBOUND FLING, Paul? You didn't used to be so obvious, baby!

Is this at all accurate, people-who-have-been-faithfully-watching for three months? Man, my OTP is fucked up. Love it! May have to start watching again!

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from: jekesta
date: 23rd Apr 2007 11:23 pm (UTC)

It's so sad, because in the time that you probably didn't see a lot of, when Dylan really broke up with Paul and Paul was all aflail about it, he met Will, who was secretly very rich and Paul knew from knowing his father and called him by his real name, Sebastian, and flirted with/blackmailed BEAUTIFULLY and totally just said to him 'I'll tell them all the truth about you, OR YOU ARE MY WHORE' and Will was all 'OH I AM SUCH A WHORE' and that was going to work out BRILLIANTLY but then Will up and DISAPPEARED in an episode I didn't see and was just replaced with his brother and and and now Ned. Oh Paul. You can't just work through everyone at number thirty, and if you do then start with Fraser because he's the only one I sort of a bit like.

I didn't see today's, though, oh I love that he's given him a flat and oh, Paul and Dylan are the only good things about Neighbours at the moment, why don't they touch???

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from: aphephobia
date: 24th Apr 2007 01:42 am (UTC)

Dammit, I haven't watched it in months either... I missed all that too. :(

Fraser/Paul would be hot though. :)

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