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Oh. My. GOD, people!!

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16th May 2007 | 06:00 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Wow. I am speechless. My throat is sore from the mountains of choked-up, disbelieving laughter that flew from my mouth during this episode. That has to be one of that gayest episodes ever, and Paul and Dylan are still broke up!

Paul and Ned- wtf, writers. First of all they have Paul set up Ned in his own little flat. Then he turns up unannounced whilst Ned is having people over, and Ned has to pretend it's the pizza guy.

THEN Paul waits outside for hours until everyone has left before coming in again! And saying "you shouldn't let any Timmins' into this house," because Dylan had been there and he is so not over him and is so bitter it is laughable. Then- then Ned is all like "you're lonely, you have nobody at home," and Paul is all "I gave this to you, I can take it back just as quick!"

Then we cut to the next scene and Ned is lying asleep in his boxers in a crumpled bed and Paul has been there ALL NIGHT and then Toadie comes round looking for his wallet and Paul has to hide, and Ned says "quick- bedroom!" and Paul has to hide under the covers of the BED and Toadie looks in and sees that someone is in the bed and thinks that Ned has a girl over, and Ned is all "yeah, she's quite the girl!" in a completely self-deprecating way because Paul is paying him for sex.

THEN Paul and Dylan have a fight. I was really really worried that disconight wouldn't be able to watch this ep because I told her the wrong day to watch (sorry hon!) but it was so good that I had to look on YouTube and even though they didn't have anything of Paul and his dirty, dirty mistress Ned they DID have the fight. OMG. Please watch it, people. But try not to look at the YouTube sidebar if you don't wish to be spoiled for future eps.

My babies!!

Oh, Paul. The reason you liked Dylan so much is because he liked you for you, not just your money, and he wanted to work hard for you and prove himself. But now that you've so completely broken up you think that money is the thing that'll get him back on your side. NO, honey. "You're not even human!" OMG. And Paul's face in the last three seconds- he's so mad that he's fucked this all up, and only has boring Ned for company, he can't even articulate it.

Sniff. My boys.

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from: jekesta
date: 16th May 2007 05:38 pm (UTC)

AAAAaaaaaaa OH WASN'T IT BEAUTIFUL oh god oh god oh god and it was so disgusting, it disgusts me so much that Paul has lowered himself to the standard of NED, but it's still so all about the Dylan love and it kills me because it was meant to be Will but it's Ned and I love that Ned thought Paul was jealous becuase Ned has friends and whatever, no, Ned, Paul is jealous because DYLAN DOES NOT LOVE HIM ANY MORE and sometimes sees other people.

And oh god Dylan grabbing Paul and not letting him walk away is one of the best things ever and Paul needs to start making up for having given Dylan's daughter cancer QUITE A LOT RIGHT NOW and then they can touch again and probably Dylan can CRY ON PAUL IN A CUPBOARD again because I've been waiting for that ever since he found out about the leukaemia and OH GOD I LOVE NEIGHBOURS yes. Dude. They are just the most perfect thing about neighbours EVER and neighbours has been ignoring them horribly and they need to stop doing that and oh it was quite happy making. QUITE.

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(no subject)

from: arimunami
date: 16th May 2007 06:36 pm (UTC)

Your post contains my exact level of squee. Paul is so jealous! Yes, they need to be back in the cupboard! It is the cupboard of love and will always be, forever and ever! Yay!

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(no subject)

from: arimunami
date: 17th May 2007 11:08 am (UTC)

He was just mad that Dylan did it! ;)

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