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Today's Brill Ep...

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4th Jun 2007 | 07:00 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Neighbours was on TOP form today, I'm sure you'll all agree!

Yay, our OTP back together again! Even if it was for a angsty, revenge-filled, horrifying (well, sort of) race through the bush! Paul looking scared! Dylan doing his evil!face! Throwing pebbles at Paul!

Paul: I can give you anything you want- you were like a son to me. I know you're a good person!

And Dylan being mad as Paul does just not get it.

And then Dylan pushing him over the edge. Sniff. They are so broken up now. And yet somehow this is good. I also liked how this was interspersed with scenes of BitterDaughter!Elle and Paul'sNewPlaything!Ned, who commiserated each other on ever having known Paul Robinson. And Dylan crying! My poor baby! And then doing the right thing and helping Paul! And them sprawled out on the ground together. God it was great.

Paul and Dylan. Even though I try, I just can't seem to quit you! Yay!

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(no subject)

from: jekesta
date: 4th Jun 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)


OH GOD WORDS CANNOT REALLY DO IT JUSTICE. OH GOD. He threw him off a cliff. The same cliff where he lost his leg and their HUGE GAY LOVE saw such trials start. And OH GOD DYLAN SAT AND CRIED AND LOVED HIM AND OH GOD. And then can't even bear to touch him but possibly will forgive him if Paul . . . . works Miracles of some kind, but MAYBE. BECAUSE OH GOD. He cried beautifully and then rescued Paul and somehow they didn't fall on top of each other, but in my head they did. Also in my head Paul's false leg had fallen off and Dylan had to help him home, hating him all the way but also touching him and therefore being a bit happy and trying not to be happy about touching Paul but liking that he was okay and then PROBABLY KISSING HIM QUITE A LOT ACCIDENTALLY LIKE. Um.

They are such a cruel pairing because they give so little back nowadays, but somehow the moment there is a SNIFF of any possibility of them being NEAR each other I am right there. It is a beautiful thing.


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