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Ringo and Frazier 1/2

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12th Nov 2008 | 07:44 pm
posted by: dancingtimes in gaybours

Neighbours is the property of FreemantleMedia Australia. This story has no
bearing on the show or on the actors who play these characters. If you're
not the age of majority in your area or aren't supposed to read this, then
don't. Practice safe sex in real life, and enjoy watching soap operas.

If you have any comments or ideas about the story, then please let me know @ wandamaxa@hotmail.com.

Note: dancingtimes is NOT wandamaxa :-)

Frazier felt like his life was one moment of turmoil after another. All the
problems his wife Rosie had had with her pregnancy had finally started
improving, but now Frazier's younger brother Ringo had gone missing.

Ringo seemed like a fun-loving lad, but under the soft brown hair and
cheeky smile, he was a mass of insecurities. Frazier hadn't realized just
how much the pregnancy was going to upset him. Then when Frazier had told
Ringo that him and Rosie were moving to Italy...why hadn't he seen the
heartbreak in Ringo's eyes? Why didn't he love his brother enough?

Frazier blinked away the tears forming in his eyes as he looked through
Ringo's room for clues. Underneath Ringo's mattress, Frazier found a diary
Ringo had started keeping after his eating disorder. At first, he wasn't
going to invade Ringo's privacy, but then he decided this was an extreme

"I can't even say what I'm feeling, what's the use in writing in this
cruddy book? Nobody understands. Especially not Frazier. If only he knew."

Frazier looked puzzled and turned to the next page.

"When I look at Frazier, I feel like one of the girls when she talks about
her crush on Brad Pitt or Jake Gyllenhaal. He's my brother, but he's so
much more. I really like Rosie, but sometimes I hate her, because she has
what I never can."

Frazie's brown eyes went wide. Hesitantly, he looked at the next entry.

"He's so...beautiful isn't the right word, but I don't know what to say.
Hot? Fit? His body makes me think such thoughts. When we were at footyie
practice, his arms were so big and strong. I even looked at his armpit hair
when he was doing his exercises. After we won, he wrapped his arms around
me and I never wanted him to let me go. He's so tall, he just wrapped me up
in those biceps, like I was drowning in them. And his thighs were so toned
and powerful...I just wanted to feel them, to taste them. His butt is so
firm and tight and rock solid. I patted him on the backside, just to be
able to touch him. That's the closest I'll ever get. I was so hard, I had
to take a break and head for the toilets. I pulled down my jock and my
shorts and..."

Frazier unconsciously touched his cock through his tight jeans. He'd
forgotten that his brother was 18 now, and a man. The next passage removed
any remaining doubt.

"I didn't mean to, really. I was coming out of the bathroom and Frazier had
to take a shower. He was in his bathrobe. I told him I'd shut the door. I
did, almost. I left enough room to let me see him. His strong back and his
sculpted legs and that big ass I wanted to grab and bite and shove my head
between his cheeks. I was just about to get to see his cock when I heard
the front door open and I knew Rosie was back. I want to see my big
brother's big dick. What's wrong with me? Nothing's wrong with me, I

Frazier groaned. He didn't know how he should feel. He just went with his
basest instinct, and shoved his jeans down, fishing into his boxers to let
his dick have breathing space.

"Frazier was in the yard today. He tackled me, he wanted to wrestle. I went
along with him, all I could hope was he didn't know I had a boner. We
rolled on the grass and I sprayed him with the hose. The garden hose --
don't be a perv. Course perving is exactly what I did. He pulled off his
wet tanktop and I could see all that dark chest hair on his pecs and
abs. Those broad shoulders and that chest and that laughing grin, I'll
never forget them. I love Frazier. I love him in so many ways."

By this time, Frazier's penis had been fisted to its full length of 8 and a
half inches. He could barely keep his hand steady as he alternated pumping
and turning the pages.

"I hope Frazier never finds out about this. I don't want anyone to find
out. He was in the shower again today, and I had my digital camera. His
eyes had shampoo in them and the door was open just enough. I couldn't help
myself. His dick is so perfect. I mean his balls are great too, talk about
low-hangers. But his cock's just beautiful. He was half-hard and his dick
was swinging like a bat. flopping between those killer thighs. I had to
take a photo. I'll always keep it with me, right here. Nobody cares about
me, so nobody's going to find out anyway."

Frazier flipped to the end of the diary and saw the snapshot of his meat.
He bit his lip to make sure no one else heard his cries of pleasure. He
yanked his black t-shirt over his head, pinching and clawing at his hard

He looked at the image in the photo contrasted to his own whanger and he
imagined his balls slapping against Ringo's bubble butt, Ringo whimpering
his name...

"Fuck," Frazier huskily whispered, emptying his load all over the photo in
his hand, all over the image of his own wet nude body.

Not really knowing or caring what he was doing, he licked the photo clean,
tasting himself. Wishing Ringo's lips were tasting him instead. He licked
at the tears running down his face, a mixture of cum and salt in his mouth.

"Oh Ringo..." he cried. If he ever got to see his brother again...


Miraculously, they found Ringo a few hours later, near the ocean, almost
drowned. He was rushed to the hospital but fortunately he suffered no
significant damage. After a few days rest he was going to be home again.

"I shoulda drowned, done everyone a favor," Ringo said.

"Don't say that," his mother Pru stressed. "Don't you ever say that again."

Frazier grabbed her hand. They weren't very close, but he was still her

"He doesn't mean it."

>From his hospital bed, Ringo took her other hand.

"He's right, Mum. I'm sorry."

Ringo looked at Frazier. Frazier was staring at him...he'd been staring the
whole visit. So had everyone else, but...this was different.

Rosie comforted her mother-in-law with a hug as she allowed her pent-up
fears to boil over into release.

"Um, Frazier, your Mum looks exhausted. I'm not feeling too up either."

Ringo unsuccessfully stifled a yawn.

"That makes three, then," Frazier smiled. "Visiting time's almost over
anyway. We'll be back tomorrow, Ringo. Mum, Rosie, can you go on to the

They agreed, knowing men sometimes liked to talk about their feelings in

Once he knew they were gone, Frazier returned to his brother's
bedside. Ringo was naked from the waist up because of some tests. His body
was so toned and muscled in the right places, he had such a gorgeous,
almost cherubic face and winning smile, you'd never know he had any body
image problems.

"Save the mushy stuff, OK bro? I'm tired."

Ringo looked away. He was obviously still hurt about Frazier and Rosie

Frazier nodded.

"Sure. Just one thing."

He leaned over to whisper in his baby brother's ear.

"I read your diary."

In a panic, Ringo quickly craned his face over, his mouth inadvertently
connecting with his older brother's.

Frazier didn't pull away, kissing his 18 year old brother's full lips,
briefly taking the pouty bottom lip between his teeth.

Ringo looked shocked, as shocked as Frazier had been when he'd read the

"I just want you to know I love you too, Ringo, in so many ways. And we've
got a lot to...go over...when you're outta this place."

He allowed himself to lightly graze one of Ringo's large nipples before he

Ringo's shock continued as Frazier left. He'd never been so confused, or so
hard, for that matter. Somehow, he thought a hospital bed wasn't the place
to have a pull.

He willed himself to go to sleep, both puzzled and looking forward to what
would happen next.

: http://eu.nifty.org/nifty/gay/celebrity/ringo-and-frazier/ringo-and-frazier-1

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the late or rather later Henrik Egermann

(no subject)

from: jeeshee
date: 12th Nov 2008 08:14 pm (UTC)

Wow. Neighbours incest?! Goodness.

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(no subject)

from: dancingtimes
date: 12th Nov 2008 08:39 pm (UTC)

I came across this (incomplete?) story whilst surfing...and I thought I would share it.

Also, it brightens up the comm :)

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