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Ringo and Frazier 2/2

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12th Nov 2008 | 07:47 pm
posted by: dancingtimes in gaybours

Neighbours is the property of FreemantleMedia Australia. This story has no
bearing on the show or on the actors who play these characters. If you're
not the age of majority in your area or aren't supposed to read this, then
don't. Practice safe sex in real life, and enjoy watching soap operas.

If you have any comments or ideas about the story, then please let me know @ wandamaxa@hotmail.com.

Note: dancingtimes is NOT wandamaxa :-)

Frazier looked over at his firecracker wife, Rosie, currently seeming less
like a pistol and more like one of those guns with the silly slogan that
comes out when you pull the trigger.

"Don't get me wrong, Frazier, I'm so happy to be pregnant. I just want my
energy back."

Frazier leaned down over the bed, kissing her on the nose. He tried to hide
his unease from her, but she was a better judge of character than that.

"It's Ringo, isn't it?"

Frazier gulped as he looked at his wife in her best attorney mode. She
couldn't know...could she?

"Y-Yeah," he hesitantly answered.

Rosie sighed. "He's a man now. He's going to be fine. Just show him how
much he means to you before we leave for Italy. I know how you men hate
those dirty little things called feelings, but you'll show him somehow."

Frazier wanted nothing more than to show Ringo how much he meant to him,
but between all the drama with their mother and Rosie's pregnancy troubles
and packing to leave, he'd barely been able to speak to Ringo since he'd
gotten out of the hospital. Rosie wasn't really in the mood for sex, so
that left Frazier to wank himself off in the bathroom several times a
day. He'd thought about going to one of those places you always hear about
where you stick your dick in a cutout and some mouth takes your load, but
he was afraid someone would find out.

"You're right, as always. I'm gonna go talk to Ringo's teachers about him
moving in with the Karl and Susan."

With a quick kiss on the mouth, he left Rosie to her nap. As he passed by
Ringo's room, he saw Ringo wrestling with Declan n the floor. They were
quite a pair, such boyish enthusiasm mixed with such muscular bodies.

Ringo currently had his head between Declan's beefy thighs.

"Wanna join us?" Ringo winked. God he was sexy.

Frazier froze up, not sure of what to say or do around Declan. He left
without saying anything, desperately trying to ignore the hard lump between
his own thighs.


"You know how Dan is...workaholic."

Libby attempted small talk with Frazier as she cleared up her desk. She
didn't seem comfortable talking about Dan Fitzgerald. She had painfully
obvious feelings for him. Frazier couldn't really blame her. Dan hid his
body under the usual teacher attire, but clearly cut a dashing, leanly
muscled figure. His rugged face and granite jaw combined with his short
dark blonde hair were straight off a romance novel cover.

"I just want to talk to him about Ringo's schoolwork...he's gone through so
many upheavals, and I'm leaving soon."

Libby smiled understandingly as she threw her bag over her shoulder.

"He should be in his classroom. Only other person left in the building is
Riley Parker...he's filling in for his parents today on janitor duty. Just
make sure you don't get locked in."

Frazier laughed.

"I think I can manage that."

Libby left him to his own devices.

He still couldn't quite get the image of Ringo and Declan in their shorts
and black tank tops grappling and sweaty. He'd expected to feel jealous of
Declan, but instead he was only concerned his brother find some
happiness. He wondered what they were doing now...


Possibly something like what was going on right in front of him.

Dan's back - and backside - were facing Frazier as he pounded Riley into
the desk, papers and books strewn onto the floor. Dan was still wearing his
brown dress shirt, and the tail frequently rode up to expose his ass,
slightly paler than the rest of his body, but diamond-hard.

Riley's coveralls had been thrown across the room, along with his shirt and
jeans. He assaulted his own nipples, tugging at the tendrils of hair
growing around the hard nubs, as Dan steadily pumped his cock in time with
his hip thrusts.

"C'mon...Danny boy...fuck me with your teacher cock...bet you close your
eyes and think of Declan, or Zeke, or Ringo..."

"SHUT UP," Dan growled, grabbing Riley's scraggly brown hair and biting his
lip hard, then licking the blood away, sharing the taste with a hungry

Frazier imagined Ringo thrown over one of the desks, plowed by his top
teacher...his hand went to his jeans bulge, rubbing the large package
through the coarse fabric.

"Fuck..." he moaned to himself.

Or not to himself, since Riley saw him, his eyes going wide with horror and
the secret thrill of discovery. His cock went off like a rocket, blasting
Dan's lived-in face with a thick coating of Parker protein.

Dan remained oblivious, violently thrusting until Riley pointed towards the

Dan yanked himself out of Riley's tight hole, his jaw dropping when he saw
Frazier standing before him. He was mortified, but he began coming almost
immediately, one of the biggest loads any of the three men had ever seen,
volley after volley that went on the floor, on the desks, on his own body,
in his own open mouth. One final shot made it all the way to Frazier's arm.

"I-I-I can explain. I-I..."

Riley gingerly removed himself from the desk.

"It's pretty self-explanatory. You teachers always have to make everything

Frazier was too stunned to react, and Dan, wearing nothing but his brown
shirt, trousers around his ankles, could barely make eye contact. His cock
was still half-hard, 5 inches of pristine manmeat surrounded by a lightly
trimmed garden of dark pubes and tight balls to contrast with Riley's
slightly smaller cock and heavy low-hangers.

Just as Frazier was about to say he could go, Riley got on all fours and
began to crawl towards him.

"What are you doing, Riley?" Frazier spat out.

"Our lives are always such misery. I'm having fun while I bloody well can!"
Riley barked back, his thin back end wiggling with each crawl.

"Please don't tell anyone, Frazier. Please."

Frazier looked at Dan's pleading face, the slight tears forming in those
world-weary brown eyes. He knew now what Dan had done this for. A release
from his burdens.

Suddenly, Riley began gnawing at Frazier's cock through his jeans, mouthing
the material. Frazier's knees buckled at the sight of that dirty grin.

Part of Frazier felt like he should stay true to his wife, or even to
Ringo, but wasn't it better to try this first with people who meant nothing
to him, who couldn't be hurt by him? Then he'd know whether he could ever
feel more for Ringo.

He smiled reassuringly at Dan, pulling him in for a gentle kiss.

"My lips are sealed," Frazier reassured, before moving in for another
kiss. At 18, Ringo was a man technically, but Dan was fully-fledged beef on
the hoof. Frazier helped Dan undo his cuffs and then pulled the brown shirt
over Dan's head, exploring the jutting pecs and flawless abs with large,
fumbling hands.

Dan removed Frazier's shirt as Riley pulled down his pants. The cold air
hit his muscular ass while Riley slapped himself in the face with Frazier's
big, hard, leaking hose.

Dan and Frazier continued to kiss, shivering slightly as Riley rubbed their
flesh weapons together. Dan moaned into Frazier's mouth as Riley swallowed
the tips of both organs at the same time.

"I've wanted to do this since the first day I met you," Dan dared to
whisper in Frazier's ear, gently biting the lobe.

Riley, annoyed at not getting enough attention, suddenly stood up, turned
around, bent over, and spread his cheeks, showing them his pucker, still
raw from Dan's earlier pounding.

"Since you so rudely interrupted my fun with Fitzy here, I think you need
to get your sweet ass onto that desk right now."

Frazier, shooting a look at Dan, did as he was told, his big dick bobbing
between his thighs with each step.

Riley slowly sat down on Frazier's monster, the unholy gleam in his eye
chilling Frazier. Riley was always close to the edge, but times like this
he was feral. As he began fucking himself, he motioned to Dan. Dan walked
over to the edge of the desk, watching Riley's slender back pulsate as he
rode Frazier like a bull.

"I've never...I've never..."

Riley smirked as he clasped Dan's hardness in his sweaty palm.

"Well thank fuck I have."

He fit Dan's hard 8 inches into his hole, howling at the fullness of a
double penetration.

Dan's eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head, matching Frazier's

"I can feel you," he gasped to Frazier.

Riley began guiding Dan's thrusts into him to alternate with Frazier's own
jabs. Dan bit into Riley's shoulder, kissing and biting his neck, smelling
his hair, while his hands explored Riley's lanky chest and hard 6
inches. Riley stuck his fingers in Frazier's mouth, watching Frazier suckle
and bite them. He brushed Frazier's hair back, then drew an invisible line
into his forehead.

"Just marking my territory," he gloated right before he threw his head
back, passionately kissing Dan, Dan teasing the cut in his lower lip as
Riley came on Frazier's face, his last shot landing directly on the
invisible mark.

Frazier couldn't hold out much longer, and filled Riley's already stuffed
hole with a fresh load. The sensations against Dan's cock sent him over,
and he joined Frazier in orgasm, nearly collapsing to the floor as he
slowly pulled out.

Riley very, very gingerly got off Frazier's lap, his asshole leaking
copious amounts of semen.

"Uh...guys...can you..." he blushed.

Frazier and Dan looked at each other and then shrugged. They got on their
knees, licking their cum from Riley's exit, sharing the life fluid with
each other, teasing each other's spent cocks. They'd never done anything
like this in their lives and they never knew if they would again.

Frazier quickly got dressed, almost too ashamed to look at the other
men. This wasn't like Frazier at all, to have cheap, meaningless sex in a
classroom, especially with two men, and two men he didn't even know all
that well.

But Frazier wasn't going to ever be ashamed of anything. He grabbed Dan,
then Riley, for deep kisses, telling them what he could not say in words.

As he began to leave, Dan paused in buttoning up his shirt to ask Frazier a

"So just what did you come here for?"

Riley patted Dan on his flat stomach.

"Don't you worry, Fraz. We'll take good care of Ringo when you're gone."

Frazier just left, trying not to notice Riley's goodbye wink. Trying not to
notice that Riley's parting words had made his cock jump.

He had to get home and see Ringo now. He wondered if Declan was still

: http://eu.nifty.org/nifty/gay/celebrity/ringo-and-frazier/ringo-and-frazier-2

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