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Declan and Zeke strike out

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18th Sep 2009 | 01:53 am
posted by: rosstopher2 in gaybours

Declan wakes up to find his wife next to him, sleeping. He rubs his eyes with his hands and then reaches down to his briefs to give his dick a little wiggle, a routine he always does in the morning. This morning he realises that he cant shake it about, because its as stiff as a pencil. Declan suddenly realises that hes horny. He thinks about the last time he had sex with Didge....all those months ago. It was amazing, Didge lying there shaking as his 6 inched fat cock stroked her inside and out. If only hed have used a condom....hed have been able to have done that again, because since he got Didge pregnant, he hasnt been able to do the wild thing with her ever.

"No way Declan! What if I get pregnant again?" Didge would always reply.

This time Declan decided hed wake Didge up with a little surprise by playing around with Didges knee, by fucking it beneath the sheets. Declan pulled down his briefs to his ankles and began to fuck Didges knee like a crazy man. Even though it wasnt pussy, it felt so good, so amazingly good. Didge suddenly woke up.


"But Didge I want to express my love my to you..."

"Shut up Declan, theres no way in hell we are ever doing that again. You stupid boy, just go to the bathroom like I know you do every night and wank off till the cows come home. Dont ever try that with me again."

Declan got up, his briefs still around his ankles, and wandered to the bathroom with a fully hung penis. Didge shuddered as she looked at him walk; her pregnancy officially ruling her out of being a heterosexual female.

Declan sat on the toilet and began to wank, like he had done every day for the past 6 months. Declan though about Didge...her short hair, her tiny breasts....her knee.....Declan thought about the ultimate quest of pussy, but seeing that it was clearly out of the picture, he wondered if Didge would let him anal fuck her. "No way", he concluded.

Declan shot off a load into the toilet bowl, flushed it down and began getting ready for school.


"I am so ready", Zeke thought.

"I am SOOOO ready"............"I am so ready to FUCK".  

Zeke was this close to fucking Taylah last year, but then Susan came him and put a stop to it. Zeke now was dating Sunny....but being a Korean girl with her morals, theres no way hed ever get any action.

Zeke got out of bed. Having slept the night naked, he walked over the mirror to take a look at his bod. He was also horny that morning. His lanky yet muscly for a teenage boys body look quite ripe that morning, and his penis looked as piping as ever. Although he wasnt as long as Declan, he had more hairs on his body than Declan, a trait that he found quite appealing. He began to touch his pubic hair, and that led to him feeling his cock....

SUDDENLY Sunny stomped in through the door.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!"      "ZEKE? What the hell are you doing?? EW GROSS!!! AAAH!!!"

As Sunny darted outside the room, Zekes hard-on died down to a tiny shrub as his embarrasment got the better of him. He chucked his school clothes on and ran out to breakfast.


"So I found Zeke jerking off in front of the mirror this morning guys, how disgusting:, Sunny said to Donna and Bridget.

"Well Declan nearly broke my knee-caps this morning, because he pounding them with his penis!!!" Bridge replied.

"I think you guys should just put out. Youll keep those boys happier, and well you wont find yourself in embarrasing situations like that. I let Ringo do it to me all the time, and well as long as were safe, AHEM DIDGE, were never sorry." Dona explained to the other two at the locker bay.

"Forget it", Sunny and Didge said in unison.

===================THAT AFTERNOON AFTER SCHOOL, AT THE GYM==========================

Zeke walked into the gym having finished a long day of school. He saw Declan on the exercise bicycle pumping away. Zeke looked at him for a second and then quickly looked away to sign in at the front counter. Zeke then looked at Declan again when he turned around. This time he kept staring. He looked at Declans legs plowing and plowing through on that machine, his leg muscles becoming more and more apparent, his leg hairs flying about, sweat on his legs dripping down to his feet.

Zeke decided to come over for a closer look.

"Hey Zeke", Declan pants and says, "what are you doing here? The gym for skinny losers is on the other side of town"

Zeke stares at Declans tank top, his hands on his heads as his pedals, his muscles showing, his arm pit hair sticking out, his chest hair....but then suddenly realises what Declan said.

"Why dont you go fuck yourself you asshole" Zeke shouts back

With a blank face, Declan says "I did. This morning." Declan then shoots a big grin.

Zeke walks off into the change rooms with an angry look on his face. Zeke always hates it when Declan bullies him...but this was the first time Zeke saw the sexiness in Declan. Maybe it was the fact that Zeke was so horny, he would find anything sexy at the moment. But Zeke knew one thing, and that was he wanted to fuck Declan. No, he wanted Declan to fuck him. Zeke thought about Declan unzipping his jeans and taking out his long, thick cock and stroking it till he came. Zeke began to feel a little thrust in his pants.

Zeke decided it was time for a shower. He went into the shower cubicle, which had a door that could be locked, to finish off what he had started this morning. Zeke turned on the water and felt the warm, saucy droplets tingle on his ever-growing dick.

Zeke suddenly heard someone come in. His hard-on slowed down a little bit.

"Ey Zeky boy you in here?" Declan bellowed.

"Yeah mate Im in the shower." Zeke shouted back

"Cool, Im gonna take a shower too, I stink like shit. All those weights I did...really works up a stench."

"Yeah I can smell you from here you sick cunt" Zeke replied.

"Haha, okay well Ill just get this shit off me and hop in"

Zeke suddenly felt aroused. He thought about Declan taking off his black, tight-fitting tank top and pulling it over his head, revealing his pointy nipples, his beauitful rock-hard chest, his sexy hard abs. Then Zeke thought about Declan taking off his bike shorts to reveal Declan in a tiny, revealing underwear. Then Zeke thought about Declan taking off that underwear to reveal the cock. It would be long and sweaty after all that working out....just the way Zeke liked it.

Zeke suddenly began to pre-cum as he thought about it. Zeke imagined him and Declan back in his room, Declan preparing to shove his penis into Zeke backside and Zeke facing the sheets, rubbing his cock loving every minute of it.

Declan hopped into the cubicle nexf to Zeke and turned on the water.

"So Dec, how was it this morning?"

"How was what?" Declan asked back.

"You know...the jerking off."

"Uh...awkward", Declan responded. "Well it was pretty good. I started fucking Didges kneecaps really hard and it was amazing...I realised that a vagina isnt all I need to have a good time...but then the bitch got up and started yelling so I went in to the bathroom to finish the job. It was a pretty good load I shot....mad as"

Zeke didnt respond because hes world had been turned upside down. He began fingering himself in the ass imagining Declan was stroking him, in the mean time fingering the hell out of his cock.

"What...too much info ey Zeke? Haha well you asked" Declan attested.

"Naaah", Zeke says while breathing rapidly, "Naaaah I was just distracted"

"I am so fucken fed up with Bridget. I know youve had a baby mate but guess what, I have fucken needs, I cant dump her obviously but Im thinking about going to prostitutes if shes not gonna give me any" Declan angrily said.

"And pay all that shit for something you can get for free? Thats stupid", Zeke replied.

"Yeah but Didge wont surrender her pussy....or ever her ass.....how else am I supposed to get some action?" Declan questioned

"Well maybe you should consider fucking a man", Zeke replied.

"WHAAAT? What the fuck are you on? Im no faggot!!" Declan shouted back

"Well if you think about it, gay guys have it best, they can do it any time they want" Zeke replied

"True but still, its fucken gross. Youre fucken queer for even thinking about it." Declan yelled.

"Dont fucken call me queer you son of a bitch, Ill fucken bash you" Zeke shouted.

"BAHAHAHAH you puny piss of shit, Id like to see you try." Declan suggested.

Zeke turned off the water in his shower and dropped to ground and began to punch Declan in his legs. He then crawled under the wall into his cubicle.

"HEY get the FUCK out of my shower!!!" Declan yelled.

"Lets go bitch, right here, right now, you know I can fucken take you." Zeke shouted, the water running at full blast.

Declan suddenly saw a raised fist come through the steam towards his face. Zeke punched Declan in the eye.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!" Declan shouted.

"Aaaaah, my eye, it really hurts, FUCK!!! Declan yelled.

Declan began to feel his eye become numb, a red and black bruise began to appear.

"Shit....mate Im really sorry" Zeke said.

Declan took his hands off his eye and began to wrestle Zeke to ground. Zeke, taken by surprise, fought back as hard as he could. Their penises were touching each other, but neither cared at that moment. It was all about who could assert dominance.

Declan shoved himself on top of Zeke on the floor, holding him in a deadly stance, not allowing him to move, and choking his neck.

"Zeke, Im gonna let you off with a warning this time. If you ever, EVER do anything like that again, I will not be afraid to put you in the hospital. Ive been to jail before and trust me, it doesnt matter if Im thrown in. Do I make myself clear?"

Zeke looked into Declans brown, hazely eyes. The water was dripping from his hair to his face. Zeke could feel Declans long penis on top of Zekes penis. Zeke could feel blood rushing to his penis...he was beginning to get hard.

"Well here goes nothing", Zeke thought to himself, "I dont care if this guy kills me for what Im about to do, cuz itll be worth it"

Zeke suddenyl through his lips on Declan and embraced in a passionate kiss. Declan, shocked, couldnt respond for a few seconds, because he was so utterly shocked by what had just happened. He then screamed and headbutted Zekes head onto the tile, making Zeke shriek out and even bleed in the back of his head.

Declan was panting and panting and looking at the disgusting piece of shit under him, crying. He watched as his blood seeped down into the drain and mixed with the water. Zeke wasnt in any clear medical danger, it was just a cut, and Declan knew that.

Declan suddenly thought back to what he realised that morning. He doesnt need pussy to have a good time.

.....Maybe he doesnt even need women to have a good time.....

He didnt feel romantically or sexually interested in the boy that lay in front of him....but he knew that he was so horny, it didnt matter. He suddenly got a hard on.

Zeke, lying there crying, suddenly realised that Declans penis was getting stiff. Zeke opened his eyes and looked into Declans. Declan looked back, staring. Zeke felt the bone of Declans penis cling on to his own. Zeke started getting horny again. Declan realised Zeke was getting horny. He got more horny. They both lay there, the water running from the shower, both their penises growing and growing.

Declan moved his face closer to Zekes. Zeke pushed his face up. Then they both shoved their lips on to each other and began making out.

They pashed and they pashed and then Declan put his tongue into Zekes mouth. Zeke licked Declans tongue right back and licked and licked.

Zeke then began to feel like his penis was taking over. He began to fuck Declans penis upwards, stroking and stroking. Declan felt Zekes penis moving about.  Declan then began to move his penis all about. They did that, tongue tied and wet, for the next 30 seconds as they both laid their naked, in a shower cubicle where no one else was in the change rooms.

Declan then got up and picked Zekes head up. Declan got into a squaitting position right under the flowing water and shoved Zekes mouth onto his long, flashy cock. Zeke responded with haste by shoving his mouth deep into Declans cock, shoving all the way to the throat. This was the first time Zeke had ever sucked a cock, and boy did he like it. He gobbled and gasped for air and then began performing a blow job. He sucked and sucked and sucked. Declan continued to squat and looked up to the roof and began to moan. He held onto Zekes hair and continued to motion Zeke up and down his penis.

Zeke continued to suck and suck until he took his mouth out of Declans penis and stood up. Declan stood up as well. Zeke said lets do a standing 69. Declan smiled.

Zeke dropped to the floor and Declan picked him up the legs, his muscles flexing like ever, as he brought Zekes ever-hard penis to his mouth and positioned Zekes mouth on his penis. Zeke began licking Declans balls, stopping every few seconds to spit out hair, while Declan shoved his mouth over Zekes tiny-in-comparison, but respectably sized penis. Zeke began to moan and shout. Zeke shoved Declans penis in his mouth. The two began to moan and groan under the muffled sounds of each others penises in their mouths. The water continued to run all the way down Declans back and over his hard, flexing ass, while Zekes ball felt the powerful push off the shower water.

Declan then threw Zeke onto the floor and placed his head on the ground and his ass up high. Declan was ready to fuck. Zeke was ready to be fucked.

Declan took a look at Zekes hairy ass, it was quite hair for a 17 year old. Declan suddenly had negative thoughts....but he gave in. He was too horny to care. Declan slowly rammed his cock all the way into Zekes anus. Every centimeter he dug, Zeke began to scream and scream. And then Declan began to fuck. Declan moved his hips up and down and motioned in circles. Zeke was crying and groaning and screaming at the same time. Declan realised that Bridget was too ashamed to even whimper when he fucked her. Fucking a guy means more sexual entertainment.

Zeke opened his mouth in horror as Declan began to go faster. His ass was paining and he wanted to stop but he wouldnt let himself quit now. Declan went faster and faster and faster, continuing to go faster minute after minute. Having already cummed that morning, he couldve gone on forever without cumming. Declan began to notice Zekes asshole growing by the minute. He looked at Zekes balls hanging beneath his penis. Zeke began to feel his balls and then feels Declans penis. Declan groaned.

Declan then began to feel like cumming.

"Im gonna cum Zeke, Im gonna cum!!" Declan shouted.

"MEEE TOOO MAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!" Zeke bellowed. Zeke didnt even need to fuck for him to cum, the shockingness that had just occurred was more than enough for him to splatter all over the ground beneath him.

Declan then came all over Zeke ass and pumped his juices real hard into Zekes anus. Zeke screamed in horror and delight. Declan continued to pump his cock into Zeke until every last drop had been drained.

Declan then took his penis out of Zekes ass real slowly and the two boys collapsed to ground panting as their after-cum continued to seep out and fly down the drain.

Declan and Zeke continued to lie their in sheer exhaustion and pain until they heard a noise. Declan looked up and saw a pair of feet in the other cubicle.

"HOLY SHIT", Declan thought to himself. Declan tapped Zeke on the back and then pointed to the set of feet. Zeke wearily looked up and was stunned. He thought him and Declan were the only two ones there.

They both continued to stare at the set of feet until suddenly..........they saw a whole body drop to the ground.

Declan and Zeke nearly jumped out of their skin as RINGO poked his head under the wall and crawled through to the cubicle.

Declan and Zeke, still panting, began thinking about what they were gonna say, what they were gonna do, until out of the blew, Ringo says....

"Whos ready for round 2?"

Declan and Zeke breathe a sigh of relief and smile to each other. Ringo sports off one of his ever-famous Ringo grins...his mouth flew wide open with smile. The boys all smiled at each other, realising that none of them would EVER be horny again.

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(no subject)

from: jekesta
date: 17th Sep 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)

Can you put an lj-cut in this please. Just copy:

<lj-cut text="brief description of the story here">

and put it at the beginning of the post.


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(no subject)

from: rosstopher2
date: 18th Sep 2009 12:49 pm (UTC)

hmmm I see the whole thing shouldn't be on the home page it should only be a little brief description like with the frazer ones...

But I did what you said and nothing happened....help??!

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(no subject)

from: jekesta
date: 18th Sep 2009 09:21 pm (UTC)

Sorry, I think it's not worked because you're using the rich text editor. I forget that people do, I can't really help because I don't know it, but I think there's a button that will say something like lj-cut on it. If you click on there it ought to put one in.

I wouldn't worry about this post too much to be honest, it'll have come off most people's friends pages now, but in future most fic and pictures should be under a cut.

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(no subject)

from: rosstopher2
date: 20th Sep 2009 03:05 am (UTC)

Yaaay it worked, thanks for your help, I just clicked into HTML instead of Rich Text and did it. :)

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