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(no subject)

17th May 2007 | 10:28 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Paul- you bought Ned a suit?

But- that's your thing with Dylan.

Traitor! ;)

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Oh. My. GOD, people!!

16th May 2007 | 06:00 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Wow. I am speechless. My throat is sore from the mountains of choked-up, disbelieving laughter that flew from my mouth during this episode. That has to be one of that gayest episodes ever, and Paul and Dylan are still broke up!

Paul and Ned- wtf, writers. First of all they have Paul set up Ned in his own little flat. Then he turns up unannounced whilst Ned is having people over, and Ned has to pretend it's the pizza guy.

THEN Paul waits outside for hours until everyone has left before coming in again! And saying "you shouldn't let any Timmins' into this house," because Dylan had been there and he is so not over him and is so bitter it is laughable. Then- then Ned is all like "you're lonely, you have nobody at home," and Paul is all "I gave this to you, I can take it back just as quick!"

Then we cut to the next scene and Ned is lying asleep in his boxers in a crumpled bed and Paul has been there ALL NIGHT and then Toadie comes round looking for his wallet and Paul has to hide, and Ned says "quick- bedroom!" and Paul has to hide under the covers of the BED and Toadie looks in and sees that someone is in the bed and thinks that Ned has a girl over, and Ned is all "yeah, she's quite the girl!" in a completely self-deprecating way because Paul is paying him for sex.

THEN Paul and Dylan have a fight. I was really really worried that disconight wouldn't be able to watch this ep because I told her the wrong day to watch (sorry hon!) but it was so good that I had to look on YouTube and even though they didn't have anything of Paul and his dirty, dirty mistress Ned they DID have the fight. OMG. Please watch it, people. But try not to look at the YouTube sidebar if you don't wish to be spoiled for future eps.

My babies!!

Oh, Paul. The reason you liked Dylan so much is because he liked you for you, not just your money, and he wanted to work hard for you and prove himself. But now that you've so completely broken up you think that money is the thing that'll get him back on your side. NO, honey. "You're not even human!" OMG. And Paul's face in the last three seconds- he's so mad that he's fucked this all up, and only has boring Ned for company, he can't even articulate it.

Sniff. My boys.

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27th Apr 2007 | 05:20 am
posted by: edithmatilda in gaybours


"BBC threatens to drop Neighbours"! Arg!

"No programme is indispensable"
BBC spokesman

The man is clearly, clearly a FOOL. Neighbours belongs where it is, punishing me if I sleep too late by forcing me to watch the end of Newsround!

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Today's Episode...

23rd Apr 2007 | 06:16 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

So- let me get this straight. I have not watched Neighbours for three months, but I tuned in today to be shown several people I haven't seen before. I was slightly confused. But what I could garner from it all was:

Paul and Dylan have had the epic of all Epic Bad Break-ups, because Dylan is now financially independant and has grown up a bit, and so is less inclined to take any more of Paul's manipulative crap. He has also been seriously courting Boring Elle, which has obviously put fuel on the fire infuriating Paul even more. So Paul, consumed as he is with jealousy, has paid Ned to split them up. He has also decided to set Ned up in his own little flat like a dirty dirty mistress. Because he misses Dylan. Aww! God, but Ned is so boring. Have you heard of a REBOUND FLING, Paul? You didn't used to be so obvious, baby!

Is this at all accurate, people-who-have-been-faithfully-watching for three months? Man, my OTP is fucked up. Love it! May have to start watching again!

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(no subject)

17th Apr 2007 | 05:59 pm
posted by: jekesta in gaybours

Oh Paul. Ew. You can do so *much* better than Ned. Dude.


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13th Mar 2007 | 11:33 am
mood: excitedexcited
posted by: aphephobia in gaybours

Well, I haven't really been keeping up with Neighbours lately on account of my oldest son getting into Tiger Woods on PS2- Neighbours time has turned into PS2 time- but I did catch an ad for the show...

Cast change update!Collapse )

And I'm all excited again, wondering if maybe things will go back to being what they were. Ahh, it gives me hope.

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Today's episode...

16th Jan 2007 | 06:18 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Aw, Neighbours. After weeks of mediocrity, it was actually a really great episode today! Mishka coming back in an absolutely horrendous cabin crew outfit! Loved it. But obviously the best bit was Dylan now randomly owning 9% of Lassiter's. A hilarious twist! But I think someone should tell him that he could wear the best suits a man could buy, but he'll never be taken seriously if he doesn't wash his hair. The poor puppy. Clearly he hasn't worked out yet how to look in a mirror.

The whole meeting with Dylan, Elle and Grandma was hilarious to the extreme. But afterwards was the time when I was allowed a little flailing.

ELLE: Think about Dad, Dylan. You go back a long way, and he cares about you.


Even though Elle is quite annoying, it was freaking hilarious when they started snogging in the back room of the bar. (Did that kiss go on for waaaay too long, or is this just me?) It was hilarious because I realised half-way through the never-ending kiss that this was the exact same place where Dylan and Paul had hugged and then had sex no more than a week ago. And then it hit me further: Dylan is obviously PISSED that Paul decided to abandon him and go to America during his time of need. So he decides to get his revenge by having casual hook ups with his daughter. I love it! Dylan is slowly turning into a Paul Mini-Me. And I think it's time for him to get his leg over without any angsty feelings afterwards. At least, I hope this is what happens.

I can't wait to see what happens when Paul returns. Will Dylan keep ganging up on the Robinson family with his gran, or will seeing Paul again melt his icy icy heart? I don't know how they did it, but Neighbours seems to have caught my attention once more. I'm sure it won't be long before they rip my own heart out and stamp on it again. Sigh.

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So, I finally got around to watching Fridays episode...

8th Jan 2007 | 02:12 am
posted by: aidan_skinner in gaybours

Dylan! Paul! Dylan! I've lost everything! Oh Dylan! Oh Paul!


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(no subject)

5th Jan 2007 | 07:16 pm
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

So. I go away for two weeks, and the first Neighbours I watch when I get back it seems the shit has REALLY hit the fan. Woah. Dylan my poor puppy. BUT, it did give cause for the first Dylan/Paul scene I've seen for months! There was hugging! And concern! And Dylan crying! And the two of them being alone in the back room of the bar! And it only lasted... about 11 seconds! But no matter, it was still there. I talked to disconight afterwards and said that Dylan obviously told Paul he couldn't see him anymore because of the baby, but now he knows it's not his he's legging it back to Paul as fast as he can possibly go. Hence why, after ignoring each other for years, Paul is the one randomly comforting Dylan. I love it. Keep it up, Neighbours, though I'm quite sure you won't. Sigh.

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Hey guys...

13th Dec 2006 | 11:08 am
posted by: arimunami in gaybours

Not really slashy, but I just wanted to tell you about where I went last night. I'll give you a clue: look at my icon!

That's right! I went to see Alan Fletcher and his band Waiting Room play in London! And it was absolutely amazing! We waited for what seemed like forever for them to come on, and when Karl stepped onto the stage, I think I finally understand 13-year-old girls screaming over a boy band. Everybody went completely mental, including myself, and when he even glanced our way we started waving like crazy people.

He was hilarious. He sang all these covers by people like The Killers and Kasabian with these completely brilliant dance moves and weird expression on his face. My friend and I could not get over the fact that Dr Karl was literally 2 feet away from us! He also sang a song based on the whole storyline of him sleeping with Izzy because he was on medication and mistook her for Susan. He was all "if your boyfriend told you that, would you believe him?"

It had lyrics like: It was an easy mistake/ to think a four-foot blonde is your ever-loving mate and the chorus was Susan? Susan? Who the fuck is Susan? Absolutely fantastic.

The girl right in front of me was with her boyfriend, and halfway in she decided that she was going to take off her knickers and throw them at him. Luckily she has a skirt on, so her boyfriend looked on as she took them off. Then she threw them at the stage and it was the most perfect throw I've ever seen! They landed in a graceful arc on Karl Kennedy's shoulder. He picked them up and his face when he realised what they were was priceless. This seemed to break open the floodgates, and lots more knickers as well as bras were thrown at the stage. Karl was all "we could open a lingerie shop up here now!"

He played for about an hour and a half and then went off. Because we were all screaming so much he came and did an encore, and things started to get really crazy. People were going completely mental for Dr Karl. I got elbowed in the head; my friend nearly got pushed over. But damn it was completely worth it!

We didn't get to meet him afterwards because the line was SOOO long and we knew he was only going to be there for 50 minutes before they had to close up the venue, so we went home. Still, it was so brilliant and I recommend anyone to go and see him!

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